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Tomas Mateo 

                                           As president of Soloma Auto Sales, my goal is to serve you and our community by providing a wide array of                                               used quality vehicle's at flexible and affordable prices. In my past car shopping experience I noticed and                                                   witnessed first hand, the struggle of needing a vehicle and not being able to find good people who                                                             genuinely cared about my needs and expectations. This why our philosophy and mission is "To provide the  best service and experience possible for families & young adults in our community who need help finding a reliable vehicle, while adding a special family touch to their car buying experience."
             God has blessed me with a wonderful family. I am a father of 6 and happily married to my beautiful wife. I have been in the Business & Customer Service industry for more than 35 years. Ever since I was a child, God gave me the graciousness of being a business oriented individual, and with his guidance I started my very own small business at the age of 10. I was born and raised in a family of good Christian principles in Soloma, Huehuetenango, Guatemala. At a young age, my parents taught me how to manage a small business, and keep it running. I started off selling ice cream on my own -with my very first ice cream cart- which later helped me make money to sustain myself and help my father out with our family expenses. By the time I was a teenager I owned and managed a variety of different business's which I started from the bottom and grew. I arrived in Lexington, Nebraska in 1995 and later moved on down to Grand Island, Nebraska in 1996 where I began working for Manford Enterprise. In 1999, My wife and I, opened a variety store called "Novedades La Solomera", which we ran for over 15 years. In 2007, we decided to open our current auto dealer "Soloma Auto Sales" and earlier last year "Soloma Auto Sales 2". God has blessed us greatly with these years of service in which we have learned to serve our customers better professionally, with respect, and Honesty. I look forward to working with you, my staff and I will work hard for your business, and will go out of our way to find the vehicle that fits your needs. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us!


Isabel Mateo 

                                          Isabel is an entrepreneur, who's humble beginnings started with working with her father at their family's local                                            grocery store. Isabel began her life as a business women shortly after her father had past away in a terrible                                                car accident; At age 14 she continued her family business' operations and with the help of her mother, she                                                grew her fathers legacy by expanding the small grocery store into a convenience store. Tomas & Isabel previously owned "La Solomera" Variety store in Grand Island, NE which she directly ran and operated for more than 15 years. Isabel started and owned a jewelry store, bakery, and worked with money transfer companies around the world to provide her customers a unique service, which back in the day was only offered by a few local stores. Isabel is crucial player on our team and is excited to provide you with the best service possible.

Fun Fact: Isabel loves to spend time with her kids and travel to visit new places outside of the U.S.!

Sales Associate & Accounting 

Roy Mateo

                                          Roy Mateo, comes from a long line of business people from both sides of his family. With 5 years of                                                            experience in the auto dealership industry and 7 years with in customer service he is ready to take care of                                                anyone looking for great service and a great vehicle. Roy graduated from the University of Nebraska at                                                      Kearney and holds a Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Marketing & Sales and a second in Entrepreneurship. Roy was also presented a certification in professional sales by the University of Nebraska in 2019. In 2018, Roy was acknowledged and presented two national awards, one for best marketing campaign for a local business and the other for best business & Marketing plan out of various universities in the nation. Roy is excited to work with you and challenges himself everyday to provide the best service possible.

​Fun fact: Roy can play eight different instruments and has played in 4 different bands in the past couple years. 

VP of Marketing & Sales 


2305 W. 3rd Street 

Grand Island, NE 68801

Tel: 308.384.1976
Cell: 308.391.0648

Text Roy: 308.379.1256

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